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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gryffin's Red Sweater: A BJD Photostory

Gryffin: "Guess who!"

Kotori: "Gryffin!" Giggling, "You startled me!"

Gryffin: "Sorry."
Kotori: "You made me drop your shirt and everything."

Kotori: "I just finished sewing your button back on. See? Good as new."

Gryffin: "You're right! By the way, speaking of new, isn't that a new sweater?"

Kotori: "Sure is. Isn't it lovely? Your mom made it for me. It's so soft."

Gryffin: "Mmmm, you're right. It looks good on you, but I wonder . . ."
Kotori: "What?"

Gryffin: "I wonder why my mom made one for you and, um, not me."
Kotori: "Well, probably because girls like these kinds of things better than boys do. But I bet she'd make you a sweater if you asked her."

Gryffin: "Thanks again for fixing my shirt, Kotori. You're the best."
Kotori: "No problem, but where are you going?"

Gryffin: "I'm going to find Mom to ask her for a sweater."

Gryffin: "Hey there, Mom. I knew I'd find you here. Whatcha working on?"

Mom: "Hi Gryffin. Yeah, I'm trying to get this sweater done."
Gryffin: "Sweater? Hey, isn't this your special Opal Harry Potter yarn?"
Mom: "Yes, it is." (Thinking: Wow, I can't believe you noticed . . . but why do you sound so hopeful?"

Mom: "It's going to be a baby sweater for my new nephew. See? Nice, huh?"
Gryffin: Oh . . yeah, I guess so."

Gryffin: "How much longer do you think it will take? Could I help speed it up a little? I could use these!"

Mom: "No, that's all right Gryffin, but I can't help but wonder why you're so interested all of a sudden?"
Gryffin: "Well . . . I just saw Kotori's new sweater, and, I was hoping you could make one for me?"

Mom leans back her head to laugh.
Gryffin: "What's so funny?"
Mom: "Sorry, Gryffin. I never thought you'd be so anxious to have a hand-knit sweater. I thought most boys your age tried to pretend they didn't have mothers, much less ask them to knit stuff. But, you don't have to worry. I've already started your sweater."

Gryffin: Where? Can I see it?"
Mom: "It's there in the basket."
Gryffin: "Uh . . . where?"

Mom: "Right here."

Gryffin: "Cool, but, um, Mom, it's blue."
Mom: "Of course. Don't you like blue?"

Gryffin: "Well, yeah, but it's kind of small, don't you think?"
Mom: "I'm following the pattern exactly."

Mom: "But now that you hold it up like that, it does look a little small, doesn't it? I'll have to start over and make it bigger."

Gryffin: "Sorry, Mom, but hey, it's not like you were almost finished or anything. Hey! What's this for?"
Mom: "Oh, that's just some leftovers from another project I haven't put away yet."

Gryffin: "I really like it. What a nice color."

Gryffin: "Nice and cozy too."

Mom (laughing): "All right, I get it. I'll knit you a RED sweater this time."
Gryffin: "I'll just leave it right here for you then. Right here on top."

Gryffin: "So maybe you should take a break with that baby sweater. It looks sort of boring, and it's blue too, you know."

Gryffin: "And it's actually pretty cold in here, don't you think? It'd be great to have something warm to curl up in."
Mom: "You know. . . I'll get done a lot faster if certain someones stopped hinting and maybe did a few of my chores so I had more time to knit."

Gryffin: "Oh! Say no more! I'll get right on that. So you just, you know, knit as much as you want. Do you want me to put a movie in for you to listen to? How about a soda? Do you want a soda? And maybe we could order a pizza for dinner so you wouldn't have to cook?"
Mom: "Gryffin ---"

Gryffin: "Ok! I'm going. See you around, Mom."
Mom: chuckles to herself and tries to knit a little faster.

Th End


  1. Both of those dolls look like girls to me!

  2. GREAT photo story. I appreciate all the work that I know you put into photographing, editing and writing that post. Loved it!

  3. Oozaroo - You're right, and I love them that way. I've always liked my Asian guys to be androgynous. But don't worry, underneath those hand-knit sweaters, Gryffin is undeniably a boy.

    And Marlene, thanks for always commenting on my little stories. I'd do them just for me, but it's always nice to receive feedback.