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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Gnomes Go Marching One By One: A BJD Photo Story

Wow, this one took forever to make. . .the things that I do for your entertainment! The last time we saw our resin darlings, Gryffin was thinking of sewing and stuffing all seven of my unfinished Yuletide Gnomes because I carelessly mentioned that I would pay two hundred dollars to anyone who would save me from having to do it. That would be just fine except for one tiny thing.

Gryffin can't sew to save his life.


Gryffin: "Hopeless . . . just hopeless. She'll be home tonight and I haven't even really started. What was I thinking?"


Kotori: "Gryffin? I thought you were still sleeping. What are you doing up here so early?"
Gryffin: "Sewing. . . well . . ."


Kotori: "Really? Sewing? Good for you! Can I look?"
Gryffin: "Um. . . yeah, ok."


Kotori: "Well, your stitches are pretty even, but what you are making exactly?"
Gryffin: "I was going to sew up Mom's gnomes for her before she gets home tonight."


Kotori: "Oh! That's so nice of you! But, if I may, I think you'll want to seam these up with mattress stitch instead of what you've been using. It will make the stitches invisible. I can show you how . . ."


Gryffin: "Forget it. Even if you showed me, there isn't enough time to do all seven."
Kotori: "Maybe not by yourself."


Kotori: "But if we worked as a team, I bet we could do it."
Gryffin: "Really, Kotori? But, aren't you busy today?"


Kotori: "Not so busy I can't help a friend in need. Right? I'll just pull this out for a fresh start."


Kotori: "Then I'll do the stitching, and you can do the stuffing and sorting. Ok? Oh, and would you mind bringing my work chair in here for me?"
Gryffin: "Oh, sure, be right back."


Kotori: "This is such a good idea, Gryffin. Your mom is going to be so surprised! I feel just like that fairy tale about the shoemaker and the elves, don't you?"
Gryffin: "Heh. . . yeah . . . just like that."


Kotori: "There's another arm all seamed up! That must be the last of the green ones."


Kotori: "Put it on the pile . . . wow."


Kotori: "That's quite the pile. Gryffin? How's the stuffing coming along?"


Kotori: "Gryffin?"
Gryffin: "And Kingsley takes his aim, readying his approach."


Gryffin: "There's the release . . . looking good . . . looking really good."


Gryffin: "STRIKE!!"


Gryffin: "High five!"


Kotori: "I thought you wanted to be done before your mom comes home tonight."
Gryffin: "Um, yeah, I do."
Kotori: "Then we're going to have to work together. Here. Start stuffing."


Gryffin: "Sorry, Kotori. I couldn't resist the gnome bowling pins. I'll do better. Now what do you want me to do?"
Kotori: "I need you to stuff these pieces I've already seamed and then sort them out so I know what goes with what gnome. Can you do that?"


Gryffin: "No problem. This hat goes with this one. And this hat goes with this one. And this one over here, that one over there . . ."


Gryffin: "And this one is for you!"


Kotori: "Gryffin, what do I need a hat for?"
Gryffin: "It's magic. Trust me."
Kotori: Sighs. "Whatever you say."


Gryffin: "I pulled a panda out of that hat the day before yesterday. Honest. It's magic."
Kotori: "Are you stuffing limbs yet?"


Gryffin: "Kotori, look! I'm a gnome!"


Kotori: "Gryffin, please . . . please focus. I said I'd help you, but I didn't say I'd do it for you."


Gryffin: "I'm stuffing! I'll be good. Please stay and help me."
Kotori: "That's better."


Gryffin: "By the way, Kotori. Don't get me wrong; I'm super grateful, but why did you drop your plans for the day to work on this with me?"


Kotori: "There are lots of reasons, I guess. I want to do something nice for your mom too and this is a great way to show her how much I appreciate all she does for me. And, no offense, you really needed someone to help you with the sewing. And, honestly, it's been a long time since we. . . well . . . we haven't really spent much . . um . . I mean. . "


Kotori: "Anyway, you'd do the same for me. Can I have that nose back? I need to sew it on."


Gryffin: "You want my nose?"


Gryffin: "I guess that's a small price to pay for your cheerful assistance."
Kotori: "Thanks."

Awkward silence turned into occupied silence turned into unconscious silence as the pair worked and worked throughout the day, turning out gnomes left and right. But luckily for you, through the magic of the blogosphere, we can fast forward to much, much later that evening.


Kotori: "That does it. What does this make? Five or six?"


Gryffin: "One, two, three . . .it makes six. Almost done!"


Kotori: "What a relief. I'm almost gnomed out. How about you?"


Gryffin: "I'm fine, but you definitely have the hard part. Are you holding up ok?"


Kotori: "My hands are getting tired. I've never sewn this much all at once before."
Gryffin: "Do you want to take a break?"


Kotori: "No, this is the last one. Let's get it finished."


Gryffin: "Good thing it's the last one. We really were cutting it close on the stuffing."


Gryffin: "This is it. Just enough to put in the last nose."


Gryffin: "You did a great job, Kotori. All these gnomes look fantastic."
Kotori: "All that's left is to sew on the magic hat."


Kotori: "Voila! They're all done."
Gryffin: "Let's put them back in the basket where Mom kept all the pieces."


Kotori: "They look so cute!"
Gryffin: "Thanks for all your help, Kotori. I never would have made it without you."


Kotori: "It wasn't much. I had a lot of fun today."


Gryffin: "It was kind of fun, wasn't it? But Kotori? You know what that basket is missing?"
Kotori: "What? All seven gnomes are there."
Gryffin: "YOU!" Gently pushes her into the basket.


Kotori: "Oooff! Oh, hey, it's actually pretty comfortable in here."


Kotori turns over and promptly falls asleep while Gryffin watches.


Until the door opens.

Me: Gryffin? What are you doing up so late? You weren't waiting up for me, were you?"


Gryffin: "Shh, kind of. We just finished."
Me: What are you talking about?"


Gryffin: "Kotori and I have been working on a surprise for you. We finished all your gnomes while you were gone."
Me: "You did! Oh, you're kidding! That's amazing, Gryffin. I can't believe you did that!"


Gryffin: "Actually, all the thanks goes to Kotori. She reorganized her whole day so she could help me. I was going to do it on my own after you said that you would pay anyone two hundred dollars for it . . but then I couldn't even sew one seam without her help. She did everything."
Me: "I see. Did you tell Kotori about the two hundred dollars?"
Gryffin: "No. Are you kidding? Kotori doesn't care about stuff like that. She just did it to help you and me. . .that's how she is."
Me: "You're right, but I should give you both something. That was a lot of work you saved me from."

Gryffin: "No, Mom, that's ok. Honestly? I think I'd give you two hundred dollars just to do this day all over again . . "
Me: "Oh? Does that mean you'll sew together my next order? There's only half a dozen this time around."
Gryffin: "Sure, whatever you like."
Me: "Great. But we'll talk about it more in the morning. I'm headed up to bed, how about you?"


Gryffin: "You go ahead. I'll be up in a little while."

The end!