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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cassidy: A BJD Photostory

My niece’s birthday is coming up on Saturday, and since she is Gryffin’s and Kotori’s biggest fan, I thought she might like to see what went on over here while Gryffin tried to find the perfect gift. Kotori, of course, had everything under control, but the operation was rather humorous. I think that she’ll enjoy it. This is for you, Cassidy!


Gryffin: “Kotori? Kotori, are you home?”


Kotori: “Over here, Gryffin, welcome back. How was your basketball game?”


Gryffin: “Fine, but listen, Kotori, I just remembered something important.”

Kotori (distracted): “Oh? What’s that?”
Gryffin: “It’s my cousin’s birthday on Saturday.”


Kotori (obviously only half listening and concentrating on her project): “That’s nice. How old is she?”
Gryffin (pausing): “Eight? I don’t know, but, Kotori, it’s on Saturday. As in, like, the day after tomorrow Saturday.”
Kotori: “Hmm-mmm.”


Gryffin: “Do you hear what I’m saying to you? My cousin’s birthday is on Saturday, and I Do Not Have A Gift For Her!”
Kotori: “Ah.”


Gryffin: “I can’t believe I forgot about this. It’s not like I don’t own a calendar. It’s not like I’m irresponsible.”
Kotori: “Just a touch forgetful, maybe.”


Gryffin: “Don’t move, Kotori. I can fix this. I’m going to find a present. I’ll be right back.”
Kotori: “Ok.” (Goes back to her sewing.)


Gryffin: “Got it! A deck of cards. So she can play euchre at lunch at school and solitaire while she’s waiting for her mom to come pick her up from the library. See? It’s perfect!”


Kotori: “Um, Gryffin?”
Gryffin (interrupting): “You’re right; it’s so not perfect. Besides, these are my lucky cards. I always win Speed when I use these.”


Kotori: “That’s not what I meant.”
Gryffin (not waiting for her to finish): “I’m going to look for something else. Be right back.”
Kotori (sighing): “All right.”


Gryffin: “How about this? Girls love movies like this right?”


Kotori: “Isn’t that your mom’s?”
Gryffin: “Yeah, but I don’t know why she has it. I mean, she has a SON, right?”
Kotori: “Maybe she likes it? Anyway, you shouldn’t give it away because -”
Gryffin (interrupting again): “Because Cassidy already has this one! Of course; I remember now.”


Gryffin: “I’ll try again. Don’t go anywhere!”
Kotori (slightly exasperated): “Whatever you say.”


Gryffin: “A plant! It’s perfect! It teaches responsibility. It can’t be used up. It will be a joy forever. A plant is a great present.”
Kotori: “No, Gryffin, we aren’t sending a plant-“
Gryffin: “No, I guess a plant wouldn’t go through the mail very well, would it? Rats! I’ll have to think of something else.”


Kotori: “Gryffin, look! I’ve already got Cassidy’s present taken care of.”
Gryffin: “A ball of yarn?”


Gryffin: “Um, Kotori, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but a ball of yarn really isn’t a good gift at all.”
Kotori: “But Gryffin –“


Gryffin: “I know I gave yarn to Mom at Christmas, so you’re probably confused, but that’s different. See. Mom Really Loves Yarn, but Cassidy, eh, not so much, right?”
Kotori: “No, but that’s not what I’m saying-“


Gryffin: “It was sweet of you to try, though. Keep thinking and I’ll be right back.”
Kotori: Sighs.


Gryffin: “Kotori, I’ve got it! This time I really do! I’ll give her this stuffed animal I won at the carnival. She’ll love it!”


Kotori (slightly annoyed): “What makes you think so?”


Gryffin: “You’re right. It’s not good enough either. It was a bad idea.”


Gryffin: “But you know, Kotori, you could help me a little bit instead of just finding something wrong with everything I suggest.”
Kotori sneaks up behind Gryffin and throws her big pink project over his head.


Gryffin: “Oooomph!!”
Kotori: “If you’ll hold still a minute and let me say something, I can help you. When you're ready to listen you can come out from under Cassidy's gift.”
Gryffin (muffled): "Gift?"


Gryffin (pulling the big pink thing off his head): “What is this?”
Kotori: “It’s the skirt your niece asked for months ago. Your mother knit it, and I just finished the sewing up. Now do you want to help me so you can say you worked on it too?”
Gryffin (sheepishly): “Yes?”


Kotori: “Ok. Then take these scissors.”
Gryffin (humbled): “Ok.”


Kotori: “And cut this thread.”
Gryffin: “Got it.”


Kotori: “There. Now it’s finished, and you can say that you helped.”
Gryffin: “Thanks, Kotori. It’s just what she’ll like, I know it. But I have just one question now.”
Kotori: “What’s that?”
Gryffin: “What are we getting my Mom for her birthday?”


Kotori: Groans and slumps
Gryffin: “Haha. Just kidding. I’ll figure it out by myself. After all, I still have a couple of months to think about it. Hey, don’t sigh. That’s plenty of time! Kotori? Are you laughing or crying? Kotori?”


Happy Birthday Cassidy!!

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  1. Cute photostory...and skirt! I hope your niece enjoys both.