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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gymnastics: A BJD Flexibility Demonstration

(Disclaimer: Pardon the baskets of yarn and other randomness strewn around my living room. There will always be at least that amount of yarn, and that random bag in the corner is filled with receipts we haven't burned yet. Oh, and we haven't put the pictures up in our new house because we're still figuring out how to put securing devices into the walls. But you aren't here to listen to any of that. So!)

It has been brought to my attention that I may be playing favorites when it comes to my resin charges. That perhaps Gryffin gets more screen time than my part-Japanese exchange daughter. That maybe I may love Gryffin a little bit more. And I say to you: it's not true. My dolls are equally charming, but they have differences that make them better situated to certain settings.

Gryffin gets to go more places with me because he is sturdier and holds poses better. He's a typical boy. Kotori is more delicate, more cuddly, and in all honesty could use a good restringing to tighten her up. However! I'm not sure I really want to do that because her elasticity fits her sweet personality so well. Gryffin is the strong, unyielding type, and Kotori is the soft, flexible type. How flexible you say? Well, that brings up another good point about wanting to wait to restring her. If I did, she wouldn't be able to do any of the cool, graceful things she does now. Oh? You want to see? Let's go find them.


Me: "Aha! Here we are. Can I ask a favor?"
Gryffin: "We're a little busy right now, actually. Wait. What's with the camera? Why do you always have a camera?"
Me: "Because you're both just so cute. Especially you, Kotori, I love what you did to your hair!"
Kotori: "You do? I'm still not sure I like it. It's so dark and thick."
Gryffin: "Stop that. It's beautiful, and it will be even more beautiful after I'm done tying this ribbon." Pause. "So really, Mom, why do you have a camera?"
Me: "I wanted to take pictures of some of Kotori's gymnastic routine so I could show everyone how flexible she is."
Kotori: "Everyone?"
Gryffin: "Right now? Can it wait until later? I wanted to take Kotori and her new hair out for ice cream."
Me: "Oh. So tonight?"
Kotori: "Is that all right? I'm not really dressed for anything demanding, and I didn't know you wanted to do something like this."
Me: "No, it's ok. What was I thinking? Young people with plans . . . of course. Tonight."
Gryffin: "Thanks, Mom, but promise me you won't just sit around clutching the camera until we get back ok?"
Me: (blush) Don't be silly. Go have fun."



Me: "You're back!"
Gryffin: "You still have the camera!"
Kotori: "Hi Mrs. Kingsley. I was just about ready to start for you after I finished putting my soft shoes on."
Gryffin: "Can I stay and watch? I haven't seen you do your routine."
Me: "Only if you don't make her nervous."
Gryffin: "I don't make her nervous!" To Kotori: "Do I?"
Kotori: "Let's just get started. . . um . . . what do you want me to do?"
Me: "How about a backbend? Can you do one of those?"
Kotori: "Of course!"


Gryffin: "Wow. That's impressive."
Me: "Gryffin. We said you could watch, but would you mind getting out of the shot?"
Gryffin: "Oh, sorry."
Kotori: "What next?"
Me: "Touch your toes?"


Kotori: "Easy!"
Me: "Not easy. There aren't many dolls like you who can do things like that, you know. It's a gift."
Kotori: "You really think so? How about the splits? Can't they all do the splits?"


Me: "Not while leaning forward like that they can't. Oh, and can you lie back on your heels? I've never seen a doll do that before."
Kotori: "I don't know --"


Kotori: "You mean like this?"
Me: "Yes, exactly like that! Very nice."

Gryffin: "You want to know what else not many dolls can do?"
Me: "What's that Gryffin?" (Thinking: Aww, are you starting to feel left out?)
Gryffin: "Lift another doll onto their shoulders."
Me: "You're right. That I've never seen -"
Kotori: "Gryffin? What are you doing?"
Gryffin: "I'm going to lift you on my shoulders. Come on, climb up here."
Me: "Are you sure that's a good idea? She's only two centimeters shorter than you are and --"
Gryffin: "And I know what I'm doing. Spread your arms out Kotori; I've got you."


Gryffin: "See? I've so got this."
Me: "So you have, just be careful."
Kotori: "Wow, Gryffin. This is definitely a surprise."


Kotori: "I guess if I fall, I can always land in your Mom's soft yarn basket."
Gryffin: "Just hold still and you won't fall. Mom? Are you getting this?"


Kotori: "It kind of makes me feel like I'm in the circus."
Gryffin: Grunts


Kotori: "Could you walk like this?"
Gryffin: (sounding strained) "Don't push your luck."
Kotori: "Are you getting tired? Should I get down?"
Gryffin: "Hmmmph."


Me: "Great job, guys. Now I can show everyone your different strengths and demonstrate how versatile Dollzone kids really are."
Kotori: "Who is everyone again?"
Gryffin: "No, wait a second. I think I can take Kotori's hands and flip her down. Wait! Bring the camera back!"
Kotori: "I think I'll just get down the regular way --"

The End

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  1. Peanut and Pumpkin are much like your Kotori and Gryffin. Pumpkin is quite tightly strung and has developed a tougher, more athletic personality, while Peanut is looser and seems softer and more feminine.

    Peanut followed along and tried each of Kotori's poses. That's the closest I've ever seen her get to being competitive!