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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter for the Wizard of Ez: A Photo Story

Last Easter, my daughter wasn't really interested in much except her own hands (whoa! hands!), but she more than made up for it this year. She cooperated so well, in fact, that there were enough good pictures for me to make a photo story of her Easter afternoon. Enjoy!


Ezri: Hello? What's this? A new friend? (this was the afternoon. She'd had all morning to destroy the living room, which is why it looks like that. The shocking part is that she noticed the new thing Right Away.


Ezri: A Leash! You bought me a leash for Easter? What do you think I am, some kind of baby?
Me: It's because you're so cute, I don't want anyone to walk off with you. Besides, look, it's a giraffe. You love giraffes.


Ezri: I guess it's pretty cute when I look at it from this angle. Aww, hello new friend who I'm going to pretend is not a leash.
Me: Good girl. Now let's go outside and look for some Easter eggs.


Ezri: Outside? I like going outside. Is the hammock up? Can we go for a bike ride? Can we -


Ezri: Holy eggs! Look! There are eggs all over the place!


Me: That's right. All for you. Here - you can put them in this basket.
Ezri: Isn't it a little small?


Me: Ez? You forgot your basket.
Ezri: What? Basket? Oh, that's ri --- Look! A Pink One!


Dad: Here, honey, I'll hold your basket for you.
Ezri: Thank you, Father. Take good care of this yellow one, won't you?


Dad: I will guard it with my life.


Ezri: Excellent. Now that my eggs are safe, I'm going to go find some more!


Ezri: Daddy, look! Another one over there!


Dad: So there is!


Dad: Put it in, nice and safe. And Ezri? Do you want me to unwrap that chocolate?


Ezri: What's chocolate? Hey! That's. . .that came out of my egg. You're, wait, you're not supposed to, hang on, what are you doing to my little, shiny egg?


Ezri: Oh, I forgive you! They really do taste much better this way.
Mom: (squealing) Chipmunk Cheeks!


Ezri: Well. I've checked the area carefully, and it appears there are no eggs left to be found.


Ezri: So can I have another chocolate now?


Ezri: I bet there's one in here!


Ezri: Yes, the secrets of the unwrapping are mine. No chocolate is safe!
Mom: I think that's the last one for you, young lady.


Ezri: Aww, please, Mommy. How can you say no to this face?
Mom: Easy! No.


Ezri: How about this one?
Mom: How about you go see what your father is doing?


Ezri: An excellent suggestion. This does look like an operation that needs my supervision.
Mom: I thought so.


Ezri: Yes, yes, the water is a good temperature with just the right amount of suds.


Ezri: But I think the bucket would be better positioned over . . ooomph . . over . .


Ezri: On second thought, the bucket is actually just perfect right here.


Ezri: You were right, Mom! Dad really does need my help!
Mom: Of course he does.


The End!

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