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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm Here For You: A BJD Photostory

I love my little photo stories, and I'm very surprised that I'm not the only one! Not only is there more than just my husband reading them, I'm getting questions. The biggest one so far is why I'm Gryffin's mom and not Kotori's. The answer is simple. If I'm both of their mom, how are they supposed to fall in love? Hmm? If you were confused, they're not in love yet only because they haven't actually said it (Gryffin's fault. He's clueless). They show a lot of physical affection because they are good friends who live in the same house. It's pretty natural.

Now that that's cleared up, some of you might be wondering why Kotori seems to be living with us if she's not Gryffin's sister or my daughter. It's because Kotori's family is stationed on a naval base in Japan - her father, Miles Bellwood, is a military doctor on the ship Comfort. He's going to retire soon, though, along with his Japanese wife, Yukako, and Kotori's younger sister, Kana. Since Kotori started high school this year, and since Japanese high schools are more like our colleges, her parents decided to send her to America a little early as a foreign exchange student so she wouldn't have such a huge school transition after they all moved to Gryffin's hometown. I'm just her exchange mom, and we're an exchange family until the rest of her people get over here.

Also, someone asked about Gryffin's father. Yes, he's around, but he's quite busy so doesn't often make an appearance. He's very loving, though, trust me. Anyway, on with some Gryffin / Kotori cuteness!

I'm Here For You: A BJD Photostory

Me: "Thanks for helping with the dishes, Gryffin."
Gryffin: "Sure. It's my turn after all."

Me: "Did you get that huge paper finished that you were so worked up over this week?"
Gryffin: "Hmm? Oh yeah, that's done. There. That's the last one."
Me: "Great. Here, dry your hands and you're free to go."

Gryffin: "Do you know where Kotori went? She disappeared after dinner awful fast."
Me: "It's Saturday night, Gryffin. She always goes to her church to print the programs for the Sunday service. Remember? She mentioned it this morning."

Gryffin: "Did she? Wow, and here I thought she was mad at me."
Me: "She even asked to borrow your bag. You said yes. Do you even listen to her when she's talking to you? Why did you think she was mad?"

Gryffin: "She was just so quiet. She didn't say anything to me."
Me: "I wouldn't say anything to you either if I knew you weren't paying attention."

Gryffin: "Mom!"
Me: "Well, wouldn't you?"

Gryffin: "Yeah, I guess I would. I guess I've been pretty wrapped up in school and stuff and didn't really notice her. . . Geez, I'm such a bad friend."
Me: "If you think so, maybe you should apologize to Kotori and do better in the future."

Gryffin: (sigh) "You're right. I wonder if she's still here."
Me: "Maybe. She was getting her stuff together just a few minutes ago."
Gryffin: "I'm going to go look for her."

Gryffin: "Hey, you're still here! What are you doing?"

Kotori: (raises her hand defensively) "Gryffin! You've really got to quit sneaking up on me. You scared me to death."
Gryffin: Sorry! I didn't mean to . . . I mean, I never mean to. You're so jumpy."

Kotori: "Well, that's true."
Gryffin: "Oh hey, I didn't hurt your feelings again, did I? I didn't want to do that either."

Kotori: (messing with Gryffin's borrowed bag) "What do you mean, again?"
Gryffin: "I really came to tell you that I'm sorry if I seem distracted lately. I notice that you were pretty quiet at dinner and that's probably my fault. So, I'm sorry."

Kotori: sniffles "You . . you didn't do anything wrong."
Gryffin: (thinks she's crying) "Don't get upset, Kotori. What is it? Are you homesick? Did something happen? Did I do something?"

Kotori: (is breathing funny) "N. . .no. It's. . .fine."
Gryffin: "It's so not fine. You sound like you're going to cry. Kotori? What's wrong?"

Kotori: (rummaging through Gryffin's bag, looking for something) "I n...need to go. . "
Gryffin: "Why don't I come with you? You can tell me what's bothering you. I'll listen. Promise."

Kotori: "You don't ha. . .ah . . have to. . . "
Gryffin: (concerned) "Kotori?"
Kotori: Aaachoo!

Gryffin: "Bless you!" (is hit with sudden understanding) "Hey, you're not sick, are you?"
Kotori: "No."

Gryffin: (is not convinced) "Why didn't you say something? You were just going to go out tonight and print all those programs when you're not feeling well?"
Kotori: "They have to get done, and it's too late to ask someone else to do them. Besides, it's nothing. I'm fine."

Kotori coughs.
Gryffin: "You don't sound fine. You sound miserable."

Gryffin: (touching foreheads to gauge temperature) "You have a fever too. You really should have said so, Kotori."
Kotori: "I didn't want to bother anyone."

Gryffin: (kissing her forehead) "Poor thing."

Gryffin: "You're not a bother. We're a family right now. We need to help each other."

Gryffin: "So I'll be taking my bag back if you please."
Kotori: "What?"

Gryffin: "I'm going to print your programs for you so you can stay here and rest."
Kotori: "Oh, that's ok. Really. . ."
Gryffin: "Give me the bag, Kotori."
Kotori: gives up and hands it over.

Gryffin: "Good. Now hop on."
Kotori: Huh?

Gryffin: "I'll give you a piggyback ride to the couch. Come on."
Kotori: But. You don't have to. I can-"
Gryffin: "Will you please just let me take care of you for once?"

Kotori: (is too sick to put up much fight. "All right."
Gryffin: "There. Was that so hard?"

Kotori: (sighing and secretly relieved) "No."
Gryffin: "That's what I thought. To the couch with you!"

Gryffin: "There. All nice and tucked in. Do you need anything else?"
Kotori: "Are you sure you'll be ok with the programs?"

Gryffin: "It's just making some copies and folding them; how hard could that be? Don't worry about it. Just feel better, ok? Here's a clean tissue for you - the box is right here too."
Kotori: "Thank you, Gryffin. For everything. I feel better already."

Gryffin: "Good, but maybe next time you won't keep it a secret?"
Kotori: (embarrassed) "I'll try."

Gryffin: "I'm here for you, Kotori. I know I get distracted easily so it might seem like you're not on my priority list, but that's just not true. Whatever you need, just ask, ok? I'll always make time for you."
Kotori sniffles.

Gryffin: "Now be a good girl and rest up."
Kotori: "Ok."

Gryffin: "I'll just change my clothes and I'll be back before you know it."

Yeah . . because how hard could it be? Kotori does it every week, right?

The end.


  1. Queue ominous music? Why do I get the feeling that this will not be as simple as Gryffin thinks?

  2. Is Gryffin wearing a Wallaby? Also, I thought the ending was a bit ominous, too.

  3. He is wearing a Wallaby. He'll probably be wearing a Wallaby until the end of time since I had to take one of his hands off to put it on. Also, I'm poor so neither of my resin kids have very extensive wardrobes.

    I'll try to get the next part up very soon.