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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Pictures Please: A BJD Photostory

Me: "Thanks for posing for pictures of your new sweater, Kotori. It looks really nice on you."
Kotori: "My pleasure! Thanks for making it for me."

Kotori: "Would you like a magazine pose?"
Me: "You're so cute. That's a great picture."

Me: "Speaking of magazine poses, have you seen Gryffin? I need to take a picture of him wearing his new sweater too. I need to have him put it on for a quick photo shoot."
Kotori: "I don't think he's taken that sweater off since you gave it to him, but as for the photo shoot . . . well, we can try. I think he's watching TV in the family room."

Kotori: (Feeling out the situation) "Hi Gryffin. What are you watching?"

Gryffin: "A basketball game. Why else would anyone even turn on the TV?"
Kotori: "I see. So you're kind of busy, I guess?"

Gryffin: "I've got a little time before the game actually starts; they're just talking about stuff I already know. Did you need something?"
Kotori: "Kind of. Your mom wants to take some pictures of you in your new sweater."
Me: "Hi there!"

Gryffin: "Now wait a minute! No one said pictures would be part of this deal!"
Me: "It's for my knitting journal, Gryffin, please? Kotori already posed for me."
Gryffin: "Well, that's fine for Kotori. Can't I just give you the sweater to photograph?"

Kotori: "Don't be so shy. It's just a picture Come on. Let us see your face. Take your hands down."

Gryffin: "Fine. There, hands down. Hood up. Now you can see the whole sweater."
Me: "Gryffin. This doesn't have to be so difficult. You're going to miss your game if you keep stalling. I just need one good picture, ok?"
Gryffin: grunts

Kotori: "All right, we'll do it the hard way. Here! Take the picture quick while I've got him still!"

Gryffin: "All right, all right. I see you're serious about this. Fine. I'll pose. Here, eat your heart out. My famous California surfer pose."

Gryffin: "And my mysterious Go Team Gryffin pose."

Gryffin: "Don't forget the classic, JC Penney catalog pose!"

Gryffin: "And last but certainly not least, the red hot Aeropostale pose."

Gryffin: "There? Satisfied?"
Kotori: "Almost. That was very good, Gryffin."
Gryffin: "Then why the almost?"

Me: "There's one more thing I'd like you to pose with."
Kotori: "I put them behind this pillow until we were ready for them."
Gryffin: ???

Kotori: "Your mom made these mice for a baby shower! Aren't they the cutest things?"
Gryffin: "You've got to be kidding!"
Me: "Commercials are almost over, buddy, just play along for two more minutes."

Gryffin: "Subtle threat, Mom." Sighs. "Here, give me one of those."

Gryffin: "I, Gryffin Kingsley, creator and mentor to all that is cool in this universe do solemnly proclaim that this little mouse is without a shadow of a doubt the most amazing adaptation of a knitted mouse pattern ever. It cuddles. It snuggles. It goes through the washer and dryer. It fits in pockets and lunchboxes and if your child has one they will Never Need Another Knitted Friend For As Long As They Live!"

Me: "Uh, thanks, Gryffin. That was moving."
Gryffin: " I know. What are you doing, Kotori? I need a second testimonial here."

Kotori: "Right! Um, now available in white and black. Order now?"

Gryffin: "Good. Now hand me yours and we'll get a good side shot. There little mouseys all in a row. What's that little mouse? Did you want something? Oh, I see!"
Kotori: "What?"

Gryffin: "He says he wants to kiss you!"

Gryffin: "Oh, now this one's jealous. Don't feel left out, poor mouse. I've got a kiss just for you."

Me: "Hilarious, Gryffin, but I think we're done now. Thanks for your enthusiasm."

Gryffin: "No problem. Now if you'll just unmute the TV on your way out."

Gryffin: "You, um, need something else?"

Kotori: "The mouse, Gryffin. Can I take it? I need to wrap it for the shower."
Gryffin: "Oh, right. Sure."

Kotori: "Just between you and me, I don't think he minds his picture taken as much as he says he does."
Me: "Shh. We can't let him know that we know that."
Gryffin: "Hello? Unmute? Please?"

The End

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  1. Great knitting, but even greater photo story.