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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How Hard Could It Be?: A BJD Photostory

Thanks for all the kind words on my last photo story. That really is encouraging to make more, but I have to confess that the only reason you're getting two in two days is because I had all the pictures for this one already. I took them a month ago or so, but I wanted a prequel before I posted them.

So I have to apologize for the terrible quality of these photos. I didn't know how much better I was getting until I saw these again. Mind, I'm still not great, but there is definitely an improvement. Hopefully, you can enjoy it anyway.

Note: It was suggested that it would be easier to follow the story if the captions for the pictures appeared underneath instead of on top. So this story is written that way in case anyone was confused.

How Hard Could It Be? A BJD Photostory


Gryffin: Poor Kotori. I can't believe she was going to come all the way out here by herself - worse, I can't believe I almost didn't notice!


Gryffin: I really need to work on paying better attention to her.


Gryffin: And I also need to work on paying better attention to my surroundings. There has got to be a door around here somewhere!


Gryffin: Here it is. Wow, for a church it's really creepy in there all dark like that. I'm surprised they let Kotori do this alone at night like this.

(Author's note: They totally don't let anyone in the church alone at night, especially not young women, but that's the story right now. I always drag my husband with me to do programs.)


Gryffin: She said she put a key to the main door in here somewhere.


Gryffin: Got it. Oh, except there's two. Um, I choose you!


Gryffin: Bingo!


Gryffin: Wow, lights make all the difference in the world. It's actually pretty classy in here.


Gryffin: Better take my hat off. It IS a church.


Gryffin: A church with a basketball court! Kotori didn't say anything about that. Man, maybe I should start going with her. How bad could it be if they have a basketball court right in the middle?


Gryffin: But I should probably find that copy machine. Mom will be worried if I'm out too late.


Gryffin: I bet it's through here. Uuuumph! It's locked. Oh wait, I bet that's what the other key is for.


Gryffin: What a hassle just to get to a dinky copy machine.


Gryffin: At last! (mental slump) Geez, it was like a three day journey just to find the machine, and I haven't even started yet.


Gryffin: Oh well. The sooner I start, the sooner I'll be done. Just get my bag off and get the machine going.


Gryffin: Don't forget to sign in, she said. Right. Programs - 100 copies - double-sided. There.


Gryffin: (singing to himself using the hokey pokey tune) You put some paper in and get some programs out. You pull them off the line and you shake to dry them out.


Gryffin: (still humming because it's way too quiet in the church) la da da da da da, oh come on. Seriously?


Gryffin: Well, that could have been worse. There could have been no extra toner here, but still. Who just walks away from a printer and leaves it toner-less?


Gryffin: I'm guessing it goes in here somewhere.


Gryffin: Yep, somewhere in here . . .some. . .where.


Gryffin: On second thought, it wouldn't kill me to read the directions.


Gryffin: Ok, got it. Now to get this beast open. What the heck was Kotori going to do? She's such a girl. I don't even think she could lift this even if she wasn't sick.


Gryffin: There, good to go. New toner cartridge installed. Now you've got nothing left to complain about, printer, so let's get started.


Gryffin: Except I should probably wash the toner off my hands before I touch Kotori's clean program template.


Gryffin: (after wandering around the big empty church building for ten minutes) There it is. I was starting to think it was outside or something, sheesh.


Gryffin: I can't believe I've been here for thirty minutes and I haven't even copied one program yet.


Gryffin: But my hands are clean now, the printer has new toner, and the assembly line is about to begin. . . if I can find where I left that copy room again.


Gryffin: (pleading with the printer like it's a skittish horse) Ok, buddy, I know I'm not Kotori, but do you think you could work with me a little? Huh? Let's just take it nice and easy, ok?


Gryffin: Good copy machine.


Gryffin: Now for the folding, nice and crisp. And the next one, and the next, and the next. I should have brought my iPod . . .


Gryffin: Done! Score, Gryffin 100 programs. Printer, nothing.


Gryffin: So that took way longer than it should have. Kotori made it sound so easy. Oh, I'm just going to print off the programs. . . like it doesn't take years off her life every week. Oh well. Lights off.


Gryffin: Shoot! I can't remember if I turned the machine off! I have to go back in and check. . . so where'd I put the key again?

Good job, Gryffin. Kotori will be so happy with you!

The End


  1. I haven't been inside the church building for years. It was fun tagging along with Griffin. LOL Even the program looked familiar.

  2. Nothing changes much, does it? I bring Gryffin with me every week. There was going to be more to this story, but it was taking forever, and my husband was starting to give me that Look.