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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Searching for Kotori: A BJD Photostory (Part One - Someone is Lost)

We've just moved to a new house, and this photo story just begged me to make it. Please excuse the pictures - my photography is worthless and I always have to take pictures after dark since that's when my baby is sleeping.

Gryffin: We must be there by now; it's so quiet. I have to see what's going on.

Gryffin: Good. No one put me somewhere high. That makes it easier.

Gryffin: Can't forget my hat!

Gryffin: That's better.

Gryffin: This place is a lot bigger than the last one. (kind of a mess, though)

Gryffin: "Kotori! You should come out and look at this."

Gryffin: "Kotori! Come on out! It's safe."

Gryffin: You're not here?!

Oh no!

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