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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Searching for Kotori: A BJD Photostory (Part 3: Things Look Hopeless)

Gryffin: This looks like a good place to search.

Gryffin: "Hey! There you are!"

Gryffin: "You can come out now. Have you been hiding all this time?"

Gryffin: "I'm here now . . . but that's not you. . .you're a bundle of pajamas."

Gryffin (is lonely): Where could she be? This place is so big, and I don't know how long it's been since we got here.

Gryffin: How did we get separated? She was right with me when we left, I'm sure of it.

Gryffin (is worried): What if she never made it over here? She's probably so freaked out right now!

Gryffin: No, that's no good. She has to be here. I've just got to look harder.

Gryffin: But where else can I try?

Gryffin: Maybe there's something back upstairs that I missed.

Gryffin: Not in here either. This is getting ridiculous.

Gryffin: Wait a second. I think I hear something. "Kotori? Is that you?"

Please, please, please let it be her!

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