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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Searching for Kotori: A BJD Photostory (Part 5: From Now On)

Gryffin: "Are you on the floor now?"
Kotori: "Yes."

Gryffin: "Good. Now stand back. I'm going to jump."

Gryffin: OOOFFF (The cat actually messed up this picture, but it was well timed for a falling catastrophe.)

Gryffin: "Ok, so that wasn't the best idea ever."

Kotori: "Are you ok?"
Gryffin: "Yeah, it's no big deal."

Kotori: "Looks like it's my turn to help you up."

Gryffin: "Thanks."

Gryffin: "Now come on. There's so much stuff I want to show you."

Gryffin: "This place is absolutely huge!"

Gryffin: "I was really worried about you, you know."

Gryffin: "From now on, we stick together. Ok?"

Kotori: "Ok."

The end!

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  1. Wow, that must have taken you one heck of a long time to photograph, edit, and compile into a story! Great job! I loved it.